Graphics United is a team of creative professionals with over 30 years of experience combined. We specialize in custom graphics, logo designs, banners, Tshirts and more. Together, we develop services for customers to visually express and present their brand online, through social media platforms, and commercial printing.




Antwone Whiteside, Sr. 

Co/Owner - Executive Graphic Designer

Is known as "The King of Photoshop" and the visionary of Graphics United. He started out a freelance designer from his apartment, using a used computer that only had Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word. Nevertheless, he did not allow that to stop the ability to push out creative work.


After successfully creating his first T-shirt design for a church member, her positive respond encouraged him to pursue a career as a graphic designer was on the horizon. In 2003, he enrolled into Westwood College of Technology and earned his degree in Graphic Design/Multimedia. That knowledge from that degree provided the courage to start a business as well as earn his master's in business to help grow the business.



Kimberly Whiteside

Co/Owner - Iconic Logo Developer

I've helped entrepreneurs, small business owners, and major companies uncover the "why' of their business. As a result, I am able to develop a custom logo that they are proud of and builds their brand.


Currently, I work with personal brands and startups on creating & launching digital products. My specialty is "Logo Development" a process that is achieved through consultation, education, research, and design.


This year I became the host of "What's What Wednesdays" a weekly Facebook Live. My goal is kreyate, motivate, and converse about the importance of professional logos.


Digital Illustrator/Graphic Designer

Malachi Moore

Upon exiting college with a Bachelors in Media Arts and Animation, Malachi was ever more conscious of the interconnection of art and culture throughout the globe. He saw a culture of confusion in which art with its potential for good, was often used as a vehicle veering against us, perpetuating confusion and obscuring moral clarity.


Malachi felt compelled to create art that would inspire the viewer to explore truth rather than become lost in moral ambiguity.

Malachi currently works as an illustrator for Graphics United and is Vice President of TripGear, a character education company where he integrates art and creativity into character building curriculums.  

ra with camera_edited.jpg

Rashawn M. Luckett
a.k.a RA

CEO and Founder of the BANK of RA 
Partner of Graphics United

At the age of 13, Mr. Luckett started his GFX, Video Production and Business Development activities. Visiting and moving to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2007, Rashawn was discovered by Cameron Jibril Thomaz, better known by his stage name Wiz Khalifa.


In 2008, Rashawn Luckett moved back to his hometown of Gary, Indiana to begin his community redevelopment activities. Rashawn became partner of the Bennigan's Restaurant/Diamond Center Entertainment venue.


Utilizing this avenue of mass marketing, Rashawn became partners with the "GU" Team making them in charge of printing promotion items for all events,